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為何要使用官方 Official WhatsApp Business API?

為何要使用官方 Official WhatsApp Business API?

為何要使用官方 Official WhatsApp Business API? 1.官方 Official WhatsApp Business API 可以使用模板消息(Template Message)批量發送通知及主動聯繫您的客戶,不受 Whatsapp一般帳戶的一對一系統限制。 2.您可以使用WhatsApp官方API創建您的客服平台、Live CS聊天室、自動發貨通知、活動通知、電子門票等,顯著提升您的客服務體驗。...

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SMS Service

SMS is considered to be 100% reachability to the mobile users no matter what handset they are having or what service plans they subscribe from the mobile operators. We are expertise in business text-messaging service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and promotional messages.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

A picture is worth a thousand words. By utilizing MMS, brands can explore marketing solutions beyond the text-based limitations of SMS and distribute multimedia content such as pictures, music or video. MMS is perfect for brand building. Our MMS platform enables marketers to DIY and distribute MMS messages in a super easy way.

Whatsapp Service

WhatsApp messaging is trusted by 1.5 Billion users. It is best to build your brand on this communication channel.